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Chard Nugget

Coop’s not done yet. We’re not going to get into that here, though. The heat’s been sweltering, and my greens bed was crying out for help.

I’ve been meaning to saute up some kale and swiss chard, but there was no way I could find a use for the amount that I have! Rather than just letting my crops go to the rabbits, I decided to freeze my greens.

I followed the procedure on NotMartha, it was easy to follow and successful. I used the same process for the chard and the kale, I think the blanching was a bit too long for the chard and if I were to do it again I’d probably only blanchthe chard for 1 minute. But overall I’m very happy with the results! I processed about 4 bunches each of the

chard and kale so now I have some frozen chard nuggets (wouldn’t that make a great insult? YOU CHARD NUGGET!) and kale patties! Now we’ll have freshly frozen greens at the ready to pop into anything!

Beautiful swiss chard stems! I wish I had something to dye! I think I’m going to try and make a gratin out of them:

My processing station:

Kale all rinsed, trimmed and waiting:

Kale laid out to dry (left) and chard nuggets ready for freezing. I promise, these are dark leafy greens and not an illicit substance!