Coop almost done!

If all goes well, today we will finish the chicken coop and get the chickens off the front porch and into their new home! This coop is going to be awesome! Sunny yellow with a cedar shake roof, detachable run (haven’t built that yet), vinyl flooring for easy cleaning, 2 nest boxes, a ramp that raises in the evening to keep predators out, and moon/sun cutouts for extra cuteness! One side of the roof opens up entirely for easy cleaning. For the winter, we plan to possibly install a lightbulb for heat, or maybe even move the whole coop into the garage. This thing has taken much longer than I had planned, but B is all about making this the best coop ever. We have been calling it “Overkill Coop” as a joke but I think it will all be worth it in the end!

Here are some construction photos, finished photos to come!


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